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Nature provides us with so many ways to care for ourselves. The tricky part is avoiding natural beauty products that are described as “natural” but are overwhelmed with synthetic ingredients and only contain small amounts of plant-based ingredients. Unfortunately, the term “natural “is unregulated when we deal with skincare. We have to dig deeper, by carefully reviewing the lists of ingredients on products.   

Natural substances are existing in or formed by nature. So, natural beauty products we want to invest in should be formed without the interference of any synthetic chemicals and complied to keep its purest natural attributes. Resulting in beauty products with favourable levels of natural ingredients. Checking the ingredients list is the way to go. Usually, the position of the ingredient on the list indicates how much of that ingredient is in the product. So, it flows from highest to lowest. Knowing that even ingredients from nature are usually sited on packaging using their scientific or Latin name helps us grasps these complexities. Sodium chloride as an example is just sea salt. We have some practising to do before we dunk and de mystify natural beauty products.   



Now, when it comes to organic ingredients in skincare, beauty products of organic origins contain ingredients that are grown and harvested without the use of Genetically Modified organisms (GMO), herbicides, artificial fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic chemicals. These products must have high levels of organic ingredients and minimum synthetic elements.   

When it comes to identifying certified organic beauty products, there are different independent bodies in the UK, Europe and America. The UK soil association being one of them.  

This regulatory body uses a certification signature using found on the packaging or product that it uses no GMO, no controversial chemicals, no parabens , Phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances, no nano particles. Products that have this certification provide peace of mind for those seeking certified organic options.  



Beauty products labelled as “Vegan” should absolutely not contain any part of an animal or animal by - products. Substituents used to replace the animal elements in vegan products can be plant based or synthetic ingredients.   

Unfortunately, there is no regulation on this term too so you need to be checking that all-important list. The company's values and ethos also gives great insight into the core ingredients of their products.   

If a beauty product is certified as Vegan, you are likely to find this symbol.

This certifies that there are no animal parts or animal by - products as part of the list of ingredients. No animal elements used in the manufacture of the product neither has the product ever been tested on animals. 


The leaping bunny is also a very useful symbol to see when considering a purchase. It is internationally recognised as a symbol assuring customers that no animal testing had been done in the development of the product.