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What does Organic mean?

organic farming


Farming and food production using organic methods benefits the whole food system. High - quality food is not the only outcome, but this way of producing food positively supports people and the planet.

It involves caring for different aspects of the food production journey. From maintaining the health of plants to protecting the welfare of animals.

Organic farmers work to a strict set of standards, which they must legally comply with  EU regulation, to ensure that their farms sustain the health of

  • Soils
  • Wildlife and nature
  • Animals
  • People

What does certified organic beauty mean?


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This legal EU regulation only applies to food production. But, when it comes to the beauty industry. The term “organic” is unregulated. So that means there are no legal rules on how this term is used in this industry, especially when it comes to the ingredients of a product. This is where the soil association comes in, it provides a certified organic standard for beauty products in the UK. The Cosmetic Organic standard or COSMOS helps consumers know that the beauty products they are buying are truly organic.

 With this logo on products, it tells consumers that no genetically modified ingredients have been used and it  does not contain any controversial chemicals. The standard says no to nanoparticles, parabens and phthalates. The welfare of animals is also included in the rules. No animal testing is done in the making of the product. Also synthetic colours, dyes and fragrances are not accepted. Even the packaging is carefully reviewed. The products should be housed in recycled or recyclable packaging where possible.

The standard helps you choose skincare products that are good for the skin and the environment. As every part of the process is independently verified by the soil associated to meet the required standard. It makes choosing honest organic beauty very simple.


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