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Transitioning to Green beauty

Sometimes, it can be hard knowing where to start when you want to change your skincare products. With so many brands out there, it can be hard making these personal decisions. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with swapping everything at once. Start with products you use most frequently like face moisturisers, cleansers, serums and SPF. Also, look at products that you use on large surface areas of your body like shower gels, body creams. You can also start looking for a new product when you know you are about to run out.

Buying one of two products at a time will give you the opportunity to really try the product and understand if it's effective and the right fit for you. Making many transitions at one time, can involve much expense, intense time commitment and it can be harder to decipher what's working and not working. 

List your top three or four priorities of what you are looking for in your new beauty products. 

  • Does the product have to be vegan. 
  • Are you focusing on using products just for your skin type or skin conditions.  
  • Are you trying to remove particular ingredients from your skincare regime. 

We can have so many priorities when it come to our skin, this makes it harder to make the best choices for ourselves. Giving ourselves focus can really help us make choices, that fit in with the direction we are taking. 

Gradually, you will learn to narrow down ingredients that work for you and with each product swap you will find what works best for your skin. 



Photo by Valeriia Miller


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