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Skinimalism: A minimalist skincare routine for healthy glowing skin



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In case you haven’t heard it yet, ‘Skinimalism’ is the big trend of 2021, and it probably won’t be long before we see it printed in the beauty bible. So, what is this trend, and what does it mean for our skin?

First things first, Skinimalism represents the idea that a stripped back, simple routine is better for our skin, and better for the planet. This approach is so much better for our skin that even dermatologists are recommending it. It’s time to move on from those long, complex and expensive 10-step skincare routines which became popular in the last few years.

Many dermatologists have reported seeing increased complaints around skin issues like dermatitis, barrier disruption, redness and itching as a result of over-doing the skincare routine. For those of us who got swept up in the ‘layering’ trend, this can mean that we are exposing our skin to too many ingredients, causing our ‘microbiome’ to become disrupted and irritated.



Now for the juicy bits; How to switch to a Skinimalist skincare routine

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Step 1: Cleanse

Over-cleansing can also contribute to skincare problems, stripping your skin of natural oils and bacteria. Try only washing your face with a splash of water in the mornings. In the evenings, use a simple cleanser, we recommend oil or balm cleansers as they remove dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


Step 2: Exfoliate

Rule 101: don’t over-exfoliate (this can cause skin thinning which is every gals worst nightmare). I recommend once a week maximum for exfoliation to allow your skin barrier to repair each week and maintain its natural microbiome. Try and select natural scrubs and exfoliators too.


Step 3: Serum

Serums are a great way to help solve specific skin issues you have. I recommend a probiotic serum which will help strengthen your skin barrier, however you can also use serums with vitamin C for brightening, niacinamide for pore reduction, but whichever one you pick, try and use a gentle one to avoid reactions to active ingredients. If you suspect this step is causing you issues, perhaps only use every other day.

Step 4: Moisturise

Now it’s time to seal in the moisture so your skin can thrive. Either creams or oils can be used in this stage, and ones which are free from essential oils tend to be best for avoiding irritation. When using oils, try and use only ‘pure’ oils which haven’t had any other ingredients added to them, rosehip oil is a great one for all skin types.


We hope this will help you begin, or continue your #skinimalist skincare journey! Less product means more glow.


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Written by Rio @offthelabelbeauty


Photography by Karolina Grabowska











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