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Oil Cleansing: Understand the benefits for your skin.

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The main principle around oil cleansing is oil breaks down oil. It is a way to remove excess oils produced by the skin, as well as dissolve make up which commonly have oil based ingredients. Making it is an effective make up remover and good at cleansing away dirt and impurities from the skin.


  A good oil cleanser -  Things to look out for

*Effectual at cleaning skin, removing dead cells, dirt,make up, and sunscreen.

*Non stripping or non drying. (cleansing without removing natural beneficial oils)

*Gentle to skin.

* Moisturing skin with fatty acids, so skin is plump and hydrated.

*Improving the skin barrier for dry skin.

*Restoring balance of sebum for oily skin types.



Like most skincare, there are some oils that are better equipped to handle different skin types. Jojoba oil is a good all rounder, catering to oily, combination, acne - prone and dry skin. Grapeseed, rosehip, pumpkin seed  and hemp oils are good for tackling oily or acne - prone skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, look for formulations with camellia oil or rosemary oil as these ingredients have calming and soothing effect on skin. For dry skin, search for oil based formulation  with avocado oil  or evening primrose oil as these oils are good at nourishing and moisturising skin. Ageing skin can benefit from argan oil, rosehip oil and apricot kernel oil.


Oil cleansing can come in different forms oils, balms or gels. 


Then they come in two types, one is made from only oils and the other contains surfactants which turns the product milky (it emulisfies) when it comes into contact with water. 



How to use?


Oil cleanser.


  • Apply to dry skin.

  • Massage the oil into the face and neck to remove all make up , suncreen and impurtries.

  • Use a warm muslin or cotton cloth to remover the cleanser and repeat as necessary to remove excess oil.

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 Oil to milk cleanser


  • Add a few pumps to dry skin to dissolve all make up , suncreen and impurties.

  • Add a few drops of water to create a milky emulsion and continue to massage skin.

  • Rinse off or wipe away with a warm damp cloth.


For double cleansing,  the second cleanse is for cleaning the skin. Use a water based cleanser that suits your skin type or the oil cleanser again.


If you are venturing into oil cleansing for the first time look for cleanser specifically formulated for your skin type and patch test to see if works for combination of skin issues.


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