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Christmas Skincare Gifting


christmas skincare gifts

 Personalise your Christmas gift-giving, with skincare tailored to your loved one. Here is a gift guide to get you started.

Multipurpose Skincare Beauty

BAO Nourish Ureself Balm is a hard-working skincare that can be used as a cleanser, a moisturiser for dry and tired nails or added to your routine as an overnight mask. This balms is light and absorbs well into the skin. Made with beautiful healing plant oils including calendula, frankincense and rosehip oils. Not just suitable for you but a product that can be used on the whole family including children and babies and during pregancy making it a staple for the family.
The Self-Care Lover

Feel more yourself after a bath with Nathalie Bond's Unwind bath salts, discover the aromatherapy benefits of lavender, as it helps to relax and improve your mood. Additions of bergamot essential oils also help provide a refreshing and calming soak, whilst the Himalayan salts provide vitals natural minerals for the body through the skin.

DIY Beauty Tasker

A few drops of water is all you need to get you started with  Skin & Tonic’s Detox mask for Oily/Combination skin. With powerful green clay to soak up excess oil, you can add honey or yoghurt for a more hydrating mask. A mask to help clear pores and protect skin from environmental damage.
Sustainable Beauty Warrior

Skincare  made with repurposed ingredients can be a great way to care for the skin and the planet. Upcircle’s Facial coffee scrubs use brewed coffee grounds which have a higher level of antioxidants than unbrewed coffee. The circular grains leaves skin soft and nourished. As it is washed down the sink, you can take comfort that it will not negatively impact the environment or wildlife. Housed in an aluminium tube and recyclable black plastic cap. The packaging is easily taken care of too.

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