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Best Skin Care Highlights of 2020

                                          the best skincare highlights


Trying out skincare products throughout 2020 and discovering so many wonderful beauty products. 


Intense moisture and nourishment can be found with the Balm Balm brand. Soothe dry, cracked areas of skin. Balms formulated for different parts of your body but made in small batches with natural ingredients. Struggling with dry feet try their Tea Tree Foot Balm. 


Washing our hands non - stop in 2020, has left our hands requiring much TLC. Skincare for your hands has never been needed more. Weleda has been creating natural beauty products for 100 years. So using their Skin Food rescues hands and brings them back to life.


When we spent time outdoors, our faces were hidden under masks. It left our skin in all sorts of trouble. Many of us suffering from irritated skin or breakouts. So adding a clay or cream mask to the weekly skin care routine became a skin saver.

These skin care masks work on drawing out impurities from the skin. Promoting the recovery of skin after trips out wearing a mask. Have a go at using Upcircle's Face Mask with gentle kaolin clay suitable for all skin types has been made with aloe vera and turmeric oil encasing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Minimal beauty at it's best. Multi-purpose products are great at meeting so many skin care needs. BAO Nourish Ureself Balm fits the bill so effortlessly. An overnight mask, a cleanser to clear away make up and the day's dirt. Whilst also moisturising those troublesome dry patches. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, it works to support even the most delicate skins.


Get the best of both worlds. Reduce your waste in the bathroom while also nourishing skin with a bar of soap. Only Good's Body Bar is made with ingredients derived from coconut oil, so it will not leave your skin grasping for moisture. But cleansed with just the right glow.


Winter and cold weather can strip skin of the hydration it needs. Nathalie Bond Gentle Skin balm with sunflower, apricot and jojoba oil gently moisturises skin, this balm is their fragrance-free option. It is also kind enough to use on babies and those sensitive to essential oils.


If you are focusing on minimal skin care, Skin & Tonic's Calm Clean has only seven ingredients. This cleansing balm will easily remove lipstick without a fuss. Just a small amount of this balm is needed to make your cleansing routine very effective.


Struggling with dandruff or dry and split ends. Alchemy Alma Hair Oil will be a mask for your scalp and feed your hair. With its clever pump, you can use just the amount you need.


Cleansing oils are a great way to look after dry skin. Keeping water locked and sealed in daily. Massage your skin and cleanse away the pollution from the city. True Skincare's Cleansing Oil will leave your skin feeling cleansed, bright and soft. It's facial in a bottle, a little treat at the end of the day.


The regenerative powers of rosehip oil. It gets to works on many different skin concerns. Sukin's Organic Rosehip for Dry and Distressed skin leaves your skin with an even tone, and youthful complexion. It gives you a natural glow that no one can deny. 




Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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